Zurich Cantonal Bank was established in 1870 with the purpose of providing service to people and corporations in the canton of Zurich. Zurich Cantonal Bank is the largest cantonal bank in Switzerland and one of the largest Swiss banks. The bank has a market penetrations rate of about 50 % in the canton of Zurich and is, therefore, the largest bank in the canton.

In March 2015 ZKB acquired Swisscanto and is now the third largest fund provider in Switzerland. Zurich Cantonal Bank is an autonomous public-law institution and benefits from a state guarantee. Under the umbrella of the ZKB Group are Swisscanto, Zürhcer Kantonalbank Austria, Züricher Kantonalbank, Guernsey and representative offices in Sao Paulo, Beijing, Mumbai, and Singapore.

Züricher Kantonalbank serves retail and corporate clients. The bank offers a broad line of banking products and services from financing to investment and pensions business and from payment transactions to capital market and trading business. These services make the bank unique in the Greater Zurich Area. Concerning loans, ZKB is the market leader in the Canton of Zurich. ZKB provides loans to foreign banks in connection with Swiss exports.

The bank is also selectively involved in the commodity trade finance business. The new advisory model offers a comprehensive range of asset management services, all from a single source. It provides cutting-edge technology. ZKB offers high-quality, innovative products. Around half of the small and medium companies in the Canton Zurich rely on the services of ZKB. The private banking business provides investment services to define the right strategy, financing services, especially in connection with real estate and competent financial advice.